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Handmade Blanket Cardigan

Handmade Blanket Cardigan

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Size: Men’s Small = Women’s Medium 


Brand: Handmade 


Measurements: Length 20” / Width 18” / Chest 17”


Description: This is a handmade (by others) cardigan, with two buttons to close. This is made from (what is assumed) a cherish teddy vintage blanket. The sizing is based on measurements. The measurements of Width / Chest are taken with the piece closed. There is an overlap of material when closed. If you were to wear it open, it may be possible to size up. The length is also more of a cropped style depending on height. 
The sweater or light jacket is one of a kind, as it is handmade and is extremely special.


This item is second hand, which will result in wear. There may be small defects on items, and anything that effects the items integrity will be photographed.

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