Our Gift

Our gift to you is a heart ready to grow. 
These hearts are made from 100% tree free paper, with wild flower seeds embedded in them.

We always want to show our gratitude to everyone who supports this small business. For the longest time we included free gifts like scrunchies, bracelets, or other material items. 

Our 2022 goal is to become a more environmentally conscious brand. This is one major step towards that goal. Replacing a material gift with a biodegradable heart, that blooms wildflowers. A gift for you, your loved ones, the bees, and the environment all in one. 

Planting Guide

Plant your heart directly into soil. It can be planted in a pot or in your garden.
Do not place the heart more then 1/8" deep.
Firmly press the soil down, over the hear. 
Keep moist, for 4-6 weeks and make sure it has a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight every day. 

Before planting, remove the heart from the glassine bag. 



How planting wildflowers outside helps the bees. 

The bees natural habitat over time has been limited and lost all over the world. The meadows and wildflowers that are an essential to finding nectar and pollen. This is a source of food for them, but is also an important part of pollinating plants. Theses habitats have been lost due to building development, and new modern farming practices. 

By planting wildflowers or specific kinds of flowers you will attract bees, butterfly’s, lady bugs, other pollinators, and beneficial types of insects into your garden. These insects help pollinate, and keep certain pests from getting out of control.

Wildflowers are specifically best because they are easier for insects to access, with single and simples flowers. They may also be more attracted to flowers native to your region, as they are more instinctively able to recognize them. When sourcing new flowers, just keep in mind flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar provide the most food for insects. 

 What flowers will the seeds grow?

Snap Dragon
Maiden Pinks

The flowers listed may not all sprout from your heart. During the production, the seed distribution varies per heart cut out. There may also be a chance that not all of your seeds will grow.

Information about the flowers.

The flowers may grow as tall as three feet.
They tolerate partial shade, and a minimum of 4 hours of sun a day.
All plants should grow in your region, though the time to sprout and how well they flourish may vary depending on your location. 
You may see your flowers peaking up and germinating as one week, or it could take up to six weeks. This depends on your location, soil quality, time of year, and exposure to sun / water. 
Make sure to keep the plants moist until they are well established. 

A bit more about the hearts.

The hearts are purchased from a maker in North America. They are die cut from paper that is produced in Seattle, Washington. 

The paper is 100% tree free cotton paper, that has larkspur and other petals embedded in it.