Quick Tips for Making Jeans into Shorts

We sell a variety of preloved & vintage denim. That you might just want to make into the perfect pair of shorts. Here are just a few tips from us before you make the cut!

1. Always over estimate. If you aren't sure how short, always air on the side of caution. You can always cut more off. You can never put it back though. 

2. Skinny jeans aren't always as flattering and slimming as shorts. As shorts they tend to slim, then bam all that leg it busting out. Now this is only the case on the tight tight ones. More dense fabric shouldn't have this problem. Or always try to go for a bit wider of a leg if you're worried about this. 

3. Measure 10 times. Measure, then remeasure. Use chalk and a ruler to mark out where you want to cut. 

4. For a more flattering cut, cut on an angle. Shorter on the outside coming down lower on the inside. 

5. Triple check the symmetry. This is why the chalk comes in handy. It will wash right off, without leaving a mark. Then you can hold up and triple check if your lines are symmetrical. 

6. Fabric scissors. Don't use your pencil case kiddy scissors to snip. You really need fabric scissors to make sure you aren't a jagged line. 

7. You can use sand paper, a pet comb, or a needle to distress / fray the ends of the newly cut shorts. 

8. For a clean end, you can hold the edge in and sew it. Make sure you account for extra length if you want to do this. 


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