More Information About the Apparel

All of the apparel unless noted in the vintage apparel collections are originally defined as “Men’s” (unless otherwise stated in the listing) by the manufacturer. We want to remove the single gender definition, which is why we provide Men’s to Women’s size conversion, and are starting to add measurements in all our listings. Allowing anyone to determine for themselves what fits their body or style. 

Flat measurements - this form of dimensions is measured by laying the apparel flat, and trying to evenly matching the seams. The measurement of the width is taken from the bottom 2”-3” from one seam/side to the other. The measurement of the bust is taken from the armpit/under arm to the other. The measurement of the length is taken from the highest point on the shoulder, to the bottom of the shirt. 

How we clean the apparel before shipping it to you. 
Based on the condition we receive or collect the apparel in we either steam, or wash the clothing. To be environmentally conscious we use cold water, and environmentally safe cleaning products. Under no circumstances do we tumble dry any of the apparel. It is all air dried to save the integrity of the products, and is more sustainable for the environment. 
Any NEW (NOT USED) apparel is not washed, or steamed. Unless it is steamed for photography purposes. This apparel is new, and has never been worn therefore does not need to be cleaned by us. 

Should I wash the apparel before wearing it?
Yes. We steam and/or wash all the clothing that is processed through our site. Both steaming and machine washing are sufficient ways of removing bacteria. We recommend you clean the item yourself before wearing for an extended period of time. Some items may sit in inventory for up to 1 year or more, in a sealed bag. This protects the item, but some of the bags we use do create an odor. 

Wear / Damage on the apparel. 
When we curate the clothing we wish to offer you, we do so with the intention of limiting the amount of lower quality items we present. Unfortunately, some wear or damage does slip by our initial review in person. Though the majority of items that are of lesser quality come from online curating. A process that often does not allow us to review or inspect the item properly until it is in our office. 
Why would we sell the item if there is wear or damage? Especially with vintage pieces, the design outweighs the damage. Amazing pieces have often been well loved previously, but that doesn't mean it can't still be loved again. OR The item is likely still wearable, or the customer could very easily crop out the damage. We do not crop items, as everyone's perfect crop length varies and we want to leave that up to the individual. 
We do our best to disclose all wear or damage. Keep in mind all of our preloved / vintage items have already been worn and may have some small defects, staining, stretching, shrinking, pilling, or general wear. 

Brands we sell. 
Keep in mind when judging what apparel we provide by the label or brand, that all clothing deserves a second, third, or forth+ life. If the apparels quality, or integrity is intact then there should be no judgement towards it being reoffered. 
By "reselling" we stop the pieces we select from ending up in a landfill. 

When curating clothing we wish to offer you we consider design first, and branding second. Some brands like Harley-Davidson or Levi's or Band Tees we often select regardless of the design, because we want to carry a large variety for you. 

We also take the current quality and vintage into consideration. The brand could retail for a large sum, but if there is a lot of damage we will not select it. We make more leniencies for vintage apparel, as it's been around for longer and likely was constructed better. 

We do our best to avoid box store labels. If the design is desirable and the quality is at a high level we may over look it's branding. We do so with the intention to provide that item at a lesser price, knowing that it came from box store brand. This also helps us have a larger price range, and include a more diverse amount of people to shop our site. 

We do not intentionally ever supply used clothing from brands like Shein, Wish, Ardenes, or Aliexpress. If you notice a piece that is from one of those retailers, please contact us. We will happily remove it or heavily discount it. Some of their designs allegedly** are copies or inspired by higher priced items, and we would either like to note that the apparel we are selling is authentic. 

Questions about a specific piece.
Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns regarding a specific article of clothing. Please make sure you are doing so in a respectful manor. Any rude comments submitted to us, or left on our social media will be deleted and the user(s) will be blocked. 
It may take us a bit of time to return your questions, as all the apparel once listed is inventoried into bags and stored. We take a lot of time and consideration into filling out the details on every listing, but we are happy to help with further questions. 


For more details on sizing apparel, or converting apparel from men's to women's visit our sizing guide for more help.