Reclaimed Apparel

Reclaimed Apparel

What is Reclaimed Apparel?
Reclaimed apparel are preloved clothing that are changed or altered in some way. Whether it's removing colour with reverse dying, or adding colour by tie dyeing it, the item gets a new life. We also do this by adding Our Brand designs to bring more character to a minimal shirt. 
Why do we reclaim clothing?
Everyday more and more clothing is entering landfills. By altering the item enough to make them wearable again we can stop that item from being discarded. 
A shirt can be brought back to life by adding a new design on it. Whether that design is helping promote a strong message, like "support small businesses" or just something fun. The end result is a shirt that can be given a new purpose and a whole new life. 

How are these items picked?
Stained or blemished items are reverse dyed/dyed to mask or remove those issues. 
Other items are chosen to be reverse dyed to take an outdated or boring graphic and spice it up to something more modern. Making that item potentially more unique and more desirable then it was previously. 

One of A Kind
These items are essentially one of a kind. 
Though some may be similar the reverse dyed/dyed are going to be unique. As the process is different everytime! Which means the results will be different. 
The items that have Our Brand on them, are also a bit more unique as the shirt will have been previously loved. Which means it has been worn in, or aged differently. 
Sizing / Colour Variations 
As a company we are all about equality and inclusivity. We try to offer as many sizes as possible. Unfortunately with all preloved apparel we are limited to only what's available for us at the time we are sourcing. 
Colour's are chosen based on trends, seasons, and what's available to us at the time we are sourcing. 
Please be aware that the colour / size will likely be singular to the item. It is unlikely we will have multiple at one time of the same size / colour. It is also unlikely that we will have multiple sizes available in a single colour. 
Who reclaims them? 
Our team here at The Boyfriends Closet reclaims, and hand makes the designs for you. Ensuring as much quality control as possible. We like to keep things in house. 
Our Brand Vs Reclaimed Our Brand 
Our Brand are put on new shirts, purchased for the purpose of having our own handmade designs placed on them. These shirts have a variety of sizes available in a single colour. Once sold out, will likely (based on demand) come back in stock. Click here to learn more about them.  Reclaimed Our Brand are preloved shirts, that have the same designs or other handmade designs on them. They are limited in sizes and colours. Reclaimed shirts are less expensive as the shirt is preloved and not new. There are benefits to buying both, please consider both when purchasing our designs.

Sold Out
Once sold these items will not become available again. You can find all sold out items HERE
We may find similar designs / colours but it will be a completely different shirt that will probably have a completely different reclaimed design. 

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