Our Brand

What is the Our Brand Collection?
Our Brand collection is designs created by The Boyfriends Closet. The designs are applied to apparel and accessories by The Boyfriends Closet in house.
Why Did We Create Our Own Designs?
Our Brand are a way to branch out into custom apparel. Allowing us to create apparel that we love. 
The Shirts Are NEW!
These designs are applied onto new apparel. The apparel is purchased from a wholesaler new, and not used. 
When Will New Designs Be Released?
New designs are currently not on a set schedule. They will come based on demand and inspiration. Follow us on Instagram for sneak peaks and to find out when new designs are launching. In future we hope to make new designs a constant part of The Boyfriends Closet. We will only be able to do so if the current designs do well, with the support of our amazing customers. 
Sold Out / Restock
Items will be restocked if sold out. If the date is known it will show in the listing. Follow us on Instagram @theboyfriends_closet to know of upcoming restocks. Subscribe to get an email notification of the restock in your inbox. 
Items that are listed as "Limited" will not be restocked. These items will move to the "Sold Out" section once stock is completely sold. 
Made In House
We put the designs on the apparel ourselves. We do not outsource the labour. We purchase the shirts wholesale. Then we design, edit, print, cut, and apply the designs by hand to the apparel.  
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