You Should Shop Online Thrift Stores

You Should Shop Online Thrift Stores

Let's talk about why you should not only thrift shop, but thrift shop online. 
There are many benefits to shopping preloved clothing online, instead of in store. 

1. You can be lazy. 
Someone's done all the work for you. They've taken their time to sort through the hundreds of items to find the best of the best. Then it's put right on your screen, alongside the other best items. No need to waste your own time sorting through the mess of options at an actual thrift shop, when you can let others do it for you.

2. You don't need to put pants on. 
It can be delivered right to your door. No need to put pants on.


3. The value has been determined already.  
Chances are the online thrift store has already researched and determined the value of the item. How many times have you picked out a piece and had to get your phone out to google if it's worth anything? Too many times. When you shop online, all that has been done. Likely, the item is being listed for a comparable or competitive price to others being sold online. This includes items that have tags still. You're going to get a new product but for a lot less then it retails for. 

4. You are likely supporting a small business or local charity.
Do I really need to explain the importance of this? Supporting small businesses is so important to help the dreams come true of someone just like you. 

5. Sustainable option. 

By not buying a brand new item you aren't supporting fast fashion. It also means a piece of clothing that might have ended up in a landfill will now get to live a longer life in your closet. 

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