How Not to Package on Poshmark

How Not to Package on Poshmark

The Worst Ways Someone has Shipped me a package on Poshmark.

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I have ordered many times off Poshmark for myself, and as a way to source fresh inventory for our website. These are the worst ways other sellers have packaged their sales. This is a cautionary list of how not to package, while also spilling some Poshmark tea.  

A Liquor Box. This wouldn’t have been bad, if it wasn’t frowned upon by Canada Post. In fact I was told, under almost all circumstances a box marked with any kind of liquor should be denied. 

A Kleenex Box. Ignoring how thin the box itself is, and how easily it could have torn open. The thing that was most upsetting was the duct taped opening. This was a return, and the buyer had stuffed a very large item into a Kleenex box, and duct taped it shut. Leaving the duct tape, also adhering itself to the product inside. When I opened the box, the duct tape ripped and left residue on the item. 

Bubble Wrap. Bubble wrap is great for interior packaging, that has something covering it on the exterior. Not great as the actual mailer itself. I ordered a sweatshirt, and it was packaged in a once folded over piece of bubble wrap. Packing tape was used, but one side had a single piece of masking tape holding it together. The sweatshirt did not make it to my post office. I received the bubble wrap, and a notice from Canada Post saying the item was lost. 

Grocery Bags. I have received not 1 but 3 orders this way. The product was wrapped in a plastic disposable grocery bag, that is taped together. This is asking for the packaging to get ripped, and likely the product inside as well. 

Baseball Cards. This wasn’t a packaging issue, but what was inside the packaging. A seller had left 10 random baseball cards inside a box with my order. No note, no context. It honestly felt like an odd mistake, but when I asked the seller I was told it was their gift. Which is presumptuous, and slightly wasteful. 



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