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Wholesale (Second Hand) Band T-Shirts Bundle

Wholesale (Second Hand) Band T-Shirts Bundle

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What is in the package

  • There are 5 t-shirts total, that are concert or music related in this bundle. 


  • XS - 3XL included at random 
  • Unisex sizing 
  • Majority are menswear but are easily converted for womenswear sizing 

Quality & Variety 

  • There is a variety of genres and styles in these bundles. 
  • There will be no duplicate shirts in a bundle. Meaning no two or more identical shirts are in one bundle. If you purchase multiple bundles it is highly unlikely you will receive a duplicate but there is a small chance. 
  • The quality varies from each item.
  • There may be some wear or small holes as this item is secondhand or vintage. 
  • The sizing / manufacture tags may not be on every item.
  • Some items may be "new with tags" but were purchased secondhand. 
  • The age ranges from 1970's - 2020's.

The purpose of these bundles is for resellers or vendors to purchase a high volume of products. You are welcome to buy these bundles for personal use. If you choose to buy these for personal use, there is no guarantee on sizing or styles. Please check out our mystery bags, where sizing is more customizable. 




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