We are on a short break from selling individual items at the moment. 
What does that mean?
We have removed all of the single stock items from our online storefront. There are wholesale bundles and mystery bags available to purchase at this time.  

Why are you doing this?
There are a huge amount of reasons for this temporary break. 
To sum it up we are overloaded with too many items, and not enough time or resources to sell them in a productive manor. It would be a disservice to you and ourselves if we carried on the way we are operating. The Boyfriends Closet as a whole is getting an almost full reboot. 

When will we be back?
This break has begun mid February. There is no official returning date at this time. 
The goal is to be back in April/May selling more individual items again. 
What major changes will be happening?
The goal is to have less items available at once. Instead of a huge catalog of items, there will be a smaller amount of items available at once. Previously we had over 1000 items for you to shop online, and when we return we will likely have 100-250. This will make it easier to look through everything we have on our site, without getting overwhelmed. Focusing on quality, and finding very special pieces. 

When we do come back it will likely be with 100% refreshed vintage and secondhand items for you to shop. It's unlikely that an item that was on the site previously will be reposted. 

That's all we can say for certain at this time. We will continue to update this page and Instagram as things develop.

Stay up to date!
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