Cleaning the Apparel

When new vintage / preloved apparel is collected the staff at The Boyfriends Closet does an initial inspection. During this inspection we look for any flaws and determine the level of cleaning that is required. 

Roughly 80% of all apparel is immediately passed over to be steamed. Steaming is just as effective, as laundering your clothing to remove germs. It also allows us to take another look at the products for any defects. 

The apparel that has unresolvable stains will be bleach dyed, or tie dyed to give it a new life. These items will be laundered to remove products of the dying process in cold water, and hang dried. 

The last grouping consists of apparel that has a strong oder, or a stain that can be removed. These garments will be laundered in cold water, and hang dried. 

Since hundreds of vintage / preloved pieces of apparel are processed, steps are taken to be the most environmentally conscious. Which is the main reason most of the apparel is simply steamed. Keeping water, and energy waste to a minimum. By repurposing the unresolvable stained pieces, they don't end up in a landfill. All laundering is done with tap cold water, and minimal washing liquids to be as environmentally conscious as possible. 

We do recommend that you clean the apparel before wearing them the first time.