More Then A Thank You Card

As a small business leaving a lasting impression is always a goal. One main way you can achieve that is with great customer satisfaction. A happy customer is often one who feels appreciated. How though? Well one major way that I implement is a thank you card in each order. 
Removing the Single Use 
Thank you cards are single use products. What does single use mean? It means that the product has one use, and then it is garbage after that.
Most thank you cards are received and then thrown out after your customer has skimmed it. 
I decided to remove the single use of my thank you card by giving them a reason to keep it. One side has my thank you blurb, and the other side has an art print. This gives my customers the option to frame the print side, or simply pin it on a cork board. 

Other Ideas
Here a few other ideas to help make your thank you cards a more sustainable option. 
1. Use a recycled material to create the thank you card. 
2. Include a blurb encouraging your customers to recycle the card after reading. 
3. Turn one side into a coupon if you have a store front. 
4. Send a digital thank you. Instead of including a physical thank you, send an email.
5. Or of course you can create an art print on one side like us.